Do I need to protect the wood?

When using Gröøn for cultivating we recommend not to treat the wood. Gröøn is made of natural high qualitative larch for a purpose. 

If you want to paint or treat the wood, which is fully possible, make sure it is environmental friendly with no toxic additives. 

What is the durability?

Gröøn is made from natural high qualitative larch in dimensions made to last. Ironwork and screws are solid and made off stainless steel. This make it last for years. 

Should I protect the wood from the soil?

We recommend to put non-wowed fabrics on the ground and inside the frames before filling with soil. Don't use plastic as the wood needs to breathe. 

Do I need to prepare the ground?

The ground has to be even. If you plan to use the Gröøn for sitting areas you should prepare the ground to make it even more stable. We suggest to put some kind of weights, i.e paving stones in the corners of every bottom frame to make it rigid.

Do I need any tools to assemble?

You will need a cordless screwdriver for easy assembly. Bit is included in pack.