Gröøn modular garden system

Gröøn is a sustainable garden system with combinable cultivation boxes, seating areas and storage possibilities that encourage cultivation and social interactions ranging from  small private patios, public environments and parks.

1. Modular - Gröøn is modular and very easy to put together. You create what fits your space, needs and taste.

2. Functional design - Gröøn is designed to stand out in its simplicity and to blend in in nature. Gröøn let you combine cultivation and greenery with sitting and lying surfaces. Spaces where people can meet and flourish.

Possible to attach to the ground in public environments. 

3. Outstanding quality - Gröøn is produced in Sweden and Denmark. It is made from larch with dimensions made for durability. Screws and brackets are made in stainless steel. 

4. Natural, naturally! Gröøn is made of untreated larch with the environment and your health in mind.